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    Buffer/ NONNON DADA

    ‘NONNON DADA 論論多多 #2 Buffer
    A performance series of our lecture program NON論DA多{play}

    Buffer explores the meaning of the term “diaspora” as a dependency between majority and minority. Rejecting the traditional context of national identity and geographical borders, the piece focuses instead on the relationship between the nondigital and the digital in today’s society. It questions to whom, in this scenario, the roles of majority and minority, host and guest are assigned, challenging the default perspective.

    The context is the human diaspora in our self-created, dominant technological environment. We are foreigners in the emerging world of artificial intelligence, virtual realities and even mere spectators of the social networks inhabited by our avatars. The systems and agents around us are increasingly beyond our control. In attempting to connect with these technological creations made in our own image, the extent of our alienation becomes apparent. Buffer tries to make this contradiction tangible.

    Comprised of everyday objects, mirroring human form, Buffer denotes the space that is the shifting, even blurring the border between us humans as nondigital creatures and the parallel digital realm of our creation.


    din is a Berlin based collective of artists & designers with a focus on new media and a conceptual approach to emerging trends in technology. din evolved as a working space for international students—encouraged by the combination of intersecting interests and complementary methods—currently encompassing nationalities from England, Germany, South Korea, Switzerland and Taiwan.

    As a group, we seek out the uncharted, peripheral and questionable side of emerging technology. We aim to challenge existing or predicted attitudes in the context of today’s digital environment.

    Coming together under the name ‘din’ for the first time allows us to merge our varied approaches, implementing these as objects and installations that narrate, interact and interfere with the viewer.


    Image credit:
    Buffer |Photo by din ©



    about NONNON DADA論論多多
    NONNON DADA is a performance series of our regular lecture program NON論DA多{play}. Every Wednesday evening from May 24th to June 14th, NON論DA多{play} #10~#13 takes place at NON Berlin in a festive atmosphere, encompassing themes of identities, borders and diaspora. Mainly coming from Asia, participating artists use instruments, movements, digital media and voice to tell their stories to the audience.

    NON Berlin’s previous NON 論 DA 多 {PLAY} projects can be viewed through the website [].

    Time & Date

    7 pm, Wednesday, May 31, 2017



    NON Berlin