NON Berlin | 電気神楽 [Electro KAGURA]
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電気神楽 [Electro KAGURA]

To mark the Grand Opening of AAS, we invite you to our 5th NON_DA with French-Japanese collaboration Electro Kagura.


“電気神楽 [Electro KAGURA]” is the name of the latest collaborative project from Ichi Go, AXL OTL and Yukihiro Ikutani.


神楽(Kagura) is a dance performed during religious rituals in Japan. Electro Kagura aims to float into classical form and to find a new tidal current.

Both based in Berlin, Japanese dancer Ichi Go and French composer AXL OTL meet again in NON Berlin for a unique collective improvisation. This is a tribute to the glorious and intangible moment when cultures meet and their traditions amalgamate naturally without any clashes. In spiring each other, proving again and again that, and we must repeat this without respite: difference is harmonious. Yukihiro Ikutani is a painter, he will join the Electro Kagura as the third member of an ephemeral triade combining movement, sound and picture.

NON論DA多{PLAY} is a lecture program introduced by NON Berlin where Inter-media artists and their guests have opportunities to present their art work and own perspectives to share with the audience.

Time & Date

7pm, Thursday. March 17. 2016


Ichi Go/ Dance
AXL OTL/ Electro Music
Yukihiro Ikutani/ Live Painting