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Daecheon Lee – Pieces of the World



In his landscape works Daecheon Lee elaborates his own new way of landscape painting. He built his diverse skill set during studies in South Korea and Germany. He examined traditional Korean landscape painting in Korea and partly recites its compositional elements. Contrary to the masters of traditional Korean landscape painting he does not refer to real sceneries,but rather creates an own universal living environment. Rather than painting in a realist style his interests lie in portraying the dynamism and power of environments. He integrates individual figurative elements, sporadic humans, trees and animals, as small parts of a whole,detached from any narrative relation. Daecheon Lee is interested in the invisible forces of nature. Employing powerful colours,transparencies and the interaction of dynamic,short strokes with harmonic,fluent composition of the surface he composes the energy of dramatic sceneries. He guides the gaze of the viewer in a traditional way through the landscape,its mountains and valleys,across the sea whilst simultaneously forcing him/her to frequently re-enter the scenery by the combination of different perspectives.

photography by Hanju Kim


02.06.2016 at 7pm


Daecheon Lee