NON Berlin | Yan Gi Cheng – A harmonic capacity of possibilities
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Yan Gi Cheng – A harmonic capacity of possibilities

Yan Gi Cheng is a British / Hong Kong Visual Artist based in Berlin. He is a graduate from Chelsea College of Art and Central Saint Martins, London. He is known for his performance art works, collages and ephemeral installations. Recent projects include Chinese ink / Sumi-e and origami paper collages for (online and London 2015). Performance installation in collaboration with Zona Dynamic Collective for ´Hierarchy of Perception, Pala fruits Lab’ (Berlin 2015) Photographic anamorphic artworks published by Distance Over Time Ltd (Berlin 2015). Yan´s art often brings together the contradictions of Eastern and Western artistic languages with the intention of formulating a conversation between the profound and the playful, the ancient and the contemporary.  His current investigations have examined these contrasts through stereotypes, primordial effigies and male / female archetypes. He uses a geometrical vocabulary which alludes to and articulates the physical and metaphysical worlds which bridge the sacred and profane aspects of life.


May 5th 2016 at 7pm


Yan Gi Cheng


May 5th–9th 2016