NON Berlin | 38th Parallel at the Deutsches Theater
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38th Parallel at the Deutsches Theater

Workshop with the Deutsches Theater

Border observations in Korea and Germany
Workshop presentation, lecture and discussion

Marking the 25th anniversary of the Fall of The Wall in Berlin, the Deutsches Theater together with Korean theater-makers introduced a workshop presentation, lecture and discussion about the long border that has been separating South and North Korea since 1953.

NON Berlin took pleasure in participating at this workshop ’38th Parallel:Border observations in Korea and Germany’ on the 9th of October, 2014. Ido Shin, Director of NON Berlin was invited to make a speech about the border as an architect and introduced his methodology of topography of borders. The presentation was held under the title, ‘The topography of border crossing points’ and was followed by short workshop performances written and played by Korean and German theatermakers and actors/actress.


Excerpt from the Deutsches Theater Website:
‘The wall separating South and North Korea is 250 kilometres long. Since 1953 this “demilitarised zone” has been a symbol of the Cold War as well as politically and socially explosive. Five theater-makers from Seoul discuss seemingly insurmountable walls with the ensemble of the Deutsche Theater. Divided nations, walls in the minds of the people and the loning for reunification – the workshop will explore differences between both countries, ways of seeing, history and culture. There will be staged readings of texts by the Korean author and director ZinA Choi and the German author Mario Salazar, as well as discussions between participants and experts.’  ‘With texts by Mario Salazar and ZinA Choi. Presented by actors of the Deutxches Theater.’ ‘With a speech from architect Ido Shin (Asia contemporary art platform NON Berlin)’


October 9, 2014



Deutsches Theater 


Guest presentation

The topography of border crossing points

by Ido Shin, Director of NON Berlin