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“Anything and everything, depending on how one sees it, is a marvel or a hindrance, an all or a nothing, a path or a problem. To see something in constantly new ways is to renew and multiply it.” Fernando Pessoa


ALEKS RAUS TAG / The de-artification of Art / Die Entkunstung der Kunst is an event to give away Bubble wraps and other pricey packing materials which were once used to wrap world-famous artists’ works at big galleries and museums.


At “Aleks raus Tag” we give away the leftover packaging materials collected from various galleries in Berlin; the aura of art, are like the leftover skin peeled from fruits which are thrown away afterwards. On the 13th of March at NON Berlin, packaging materials such as Bubble wraps or Tyvek paper will be given away to artists who need those to wrap their art works. Tp finish off Aleks raus Tag, there will be discussions upon a variety of topics such as:


What is each own responsibility of the artist and gallery regarding the resources(high-value packages)?
What more is related to it? (Considering the art market and the worldwide art commerce: art fair, trades, packaging etc.)
Is art today only a “fetish product”?


7pm, Friday

March 13, 2015



Aleksandar Nesic, Clement Couderc


Venue and Organizer

NON Berlin


Dress code

Viva la vida!