NON Berlin | Asian Art Talk Show 2016
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Asian Art Talk Show 2016

What is “Asia” in Contemporary Art?

As part of the ‘Asian Art Show 2016’, there was a talk event on 9th of June at NON Berlin. Curators, artist and project director of NON Berlin presented about ‘Asian Contemporary Art’ from their own perspectives.

The four main topics are as follow;

– How Asian contemporary art came to Europe ? : in a historical point of view.

– How museums, art initiatives, galleries, organisations or artists are working in the Asian contemporary art scene? : outside Asia and focusing on Berlin.

– “Asia”in the artists’ practice

– The necessity of an Asia contemporary art platform(NON Berlin)

Time & Date

09.06.2016  4pm



NON Berlin



Yu-Chieh Li
Silvia Gaetti
Lizza May David
Nayeon Kim