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Book presentation by Reiner Maria Matysik

It´s the book premier and artist talk by Reiner Maria Matysik (in berlinerpool since 2012). The event will introduce the two latest books by the artist, a talk with the contributors and a presentation of the frankfurter Publishing House Gutleut Verlag. The evening will be followed  by an open discussion and wrapped up with music by Claus-Michael Schlesinger. Invited speakers are: Claus-Michael Schlesinger, Marc Wrasse, Ingeborg Reichle, Michael Wagener (Gutleut Verlag) and the artist. Event will be moderated by berlinerpool chief curator Paz Ponce.

Fluss wird Wolke | River becomes Cloud, (Kettler Verlag, 2013) documents an installation by artist Reiner Maria Matysik in the fringe area between visual arts, science and ecology. The project is a contribution to the restoration of the Emscher River and to the history and future of the Ruhr area that is as popular as it is sustainable.

Arbeitstitel: Utopie is the second volume of an ongoing working group that examines the intersection of visual arts and natural sciences. Directed by Reiner Maria Matysik and published by Gutleut Verlag, the series offers a documentation of the artist’s production and anthology of texts presenting theoretical perspectives on postevolutionary life forms. With texts by: Markus Lepper, Alexandra Müller, Ingeborg Reichle, Christine Taxer, Michael Wgener and Marc Wrasse.


About gutleut verlag:

the gutleut verlag was founded 2002 by the artist Michael Wagener in Frankfurt/Main being a main part of the activities of the exhibition space gutleut 15. From the beginning on the idea of this project was to develop interdisciplinary book concepts in the fields of art, science and literature and not simply producing art catalogues.

The relation of image and text turned out to be the main topic of nearly all publications. In doing so the programme of the publishing house is divided in several book series each of them having a special focus on form and content.

So far more than 50 books have been published.

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