NON Berlin | #2 colabor_freizeit
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    #2 colabor_freizeit

    Studio Residency  Co La bor / FREIZEIT

    ,FREIZEIT is an international collective comprised of four artists from Bulgaria, Germany, the United States, and Iran. The collective’s ongoing work deals with the intersection between art and urbanism. Their finished products take the shape of site-specific performances and installations. They currently live and work in Berlin. FREIZEIT has participated in various performance festivals and exhibitions ,in Germany, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Greece.

    NON Berlin’s Co La Bor Residency Project has tarted with FREIZEIT who will be joining as our second Residency Artist Group. During the next 3 months FREIZEIT will be working on an extraordinary project that will be exhibited at NON Berlin 2016. We’re looking forward to their promising works and wish them a unique and unforgettable experience with NON Berlin and Berlin’s contemporary Art Scene.