NON Berlin | How To Travel?
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How To Travel?


How to travel ?
Touring Artists Helpdesk Service by Berlinerpool


In the times when applying is the new winning, artworks are shipped between continents, curatorial work is a constant travel, art residencies are the new schools and networking hubs, information concerning cross-border employment, mobility, legal and administrative issues is handy to have.Makers of Touring-Artists info platform (ITI, IGBK) and specialists powering the help desk (SMartDe) will introduce key aspects of the project, tackle most common mistakes to avoid, mention real live examples and answer questions from the public.


Speakers :

Andrea Specht (ITI Germany)

Magdalena Ziomek-Frackowiak (SMartDe)

Alicja Adamczyk (SMartDe)


From October 1, 2014, artists and cultural professionals can make use of the touring artists helpdesk service for individual consultations on international projects and working stays abroad. The touring artists helpdesk service is a cooperation of IGBK and ITI with SMartDe – Netzwerk für Kreative e.V.( To book free individual consultations in Berlin, which are hold by staff of SMartDe, e-mail beratung[at]



touring artists, an information portal for artists working internationally – from or to Germany -, provides comprehensive information on visas/residence, transport/customs, taxes, social security, other insurances, and copyright.

SMartDeSMart – Société Mutuelle Pour Artistes – was set up as a non-profit organisation in 1998 in Belgium. Its founders were convinced that solutions could be designed that would allow creative professionals to work on their projects without being overwhelmed by administrative burdens and the worry of unpredictable cash-flow. Social innovation, to support and change the creative sector, is at the heart of this initiative and its three cornerstone values. www,

ITI – Network for the performing arts The German ITI develops and supports international cultural co-operation by providing information services, by organising international encounters, specialists’ conferences, theatre festivals (i.e. THEATER DER WELT in Germany), and workshops centred around various aspects of the performing arts. ITI Germany regularly publishes newsletters (IMPULSE), papers, and books.


18.11.2014 / 7pm



Chausseestr. 11, 10115 Berlin / entrance Tieckstr.
Limited sitting: 40 places, arrive on time