NON Berlin | Hyper Circuit 2016
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Hyper Circuit 2016

Hyper Circuit 2016, Exposition on Chinese Contemporary Art
August 5 to 9 – Exhibition and Talk

We are happy to invite the artists of ‘Hyper-Circuit’ to the Berlin art scene through our Asian contemporary art platform this summer. As a collective of experienced Chinese artists, we are excited for the fresh perspectives we can anticipate from them. Their work shares many of the core values of NON Berlin, that aspires to look straight to Asian art and discourse, detached from dominant Western filters.

‘Hyper-Circuit’ provides a many-layered exploration of the intellectual and cultural exchange between China and Germany. Moving away from a prevailing idea of a ‘one-way lane’ (Peng Rong) the exhibition treats the multi-channeled relationship of Sino-western art exchange as akin to the plural, non-hierarchical model of cultural influence linked to Deleuze and Guattari’s concept of the ‘rhizome’.

Contemplating the possibility of a ‘reverse-influence’ of Chinese art on Western arts, ‘Hyper-Circuit’ participates in the vibrant discourse surrounding the uniqueness of Chinese contemporary art.

As part of the program, from August 5 – 9, twelve Chinese contemporary artists each bring a few contributions to the exhibition: Deng YuLin, Guo Junhong, He Ping, Huang Shubin, Long Fei, Qiu Haoyun, Tang Wugang, Wang Shaowen, Wu Qingshan, Ziong Yu, Wang Xinjian, and Zhuangzi.

On August 7, there will also be a special conference at the Westin Hotel that will focus and vocalise the concerns of the exhibition, called ‘Impact Studies: German art and design theories in China.’ A panel of art professors, artists, and doctorate students will each prepare a powerpoint focusing on one particular aspect of German artists and design theories.



Academic Advisor





August 6th 2016  6 P.M


DENG Yulin, GUO Junhong, HE Ping, HUANG Shubin, LONG Fei, QIU Haoyun,
TANG Wugang, WANG Shaowen, WANG Xinjian, WU Qingshan, XIONG Yu, ZHUANG Zi