NON Berlin | Independent Art Spaces Networks in Conversation, Korea – Berlin
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Independent Art Spaces Networks in Conversation, Korea – Berlin

Non Berlin and berlinerpool cordially invite you to meet representatives of two similar but different art networks over a brunch table on Sunday, 27th of July. Join us and discover the networks’ commonalities or differences, aims and reasons of establishment, their ways of work, connect and act. The networks are called to existence because of the need. The need driven by either a political statement e.g. regarding the funding instruments, or a keen feeling and will to connect and support each other’s activities.

In addition, to build an excellence cluster, exchange knowledge, share resources, create, gain on visibility, be heard and noticed. Should you have any inquires please do not hesitate to ask. Detail information of the Brunch is as below:

Among our guests, there are two speakers -Seo Sang Ho and Matthias Mayer- invited by NON Berlin and berlinerpool respectively, who are the key people of Korea and Berlin’s independent art spaces network.



Seo, Sang Ho
Representative of Nonprofit Art Spaces Network, Korea
Director of Space Bae, Busan, Korea


Matthias Mayer
Network of Berlin Independent Project Spaces and Initiatives Berlin
Founder of Spor Klübü



Andrzej Raszyk from berlinerpool 



Nayeon Kim from NON Berlin


About The Nonprofit Art Spaces Network in Korea
The Nonprofit Art Spaces Network(NASN) in Korea was officially established in 2005, with an aim to facilitate Korea’s growing contemporary art scene and to enable non-profit art spaces to network, cooperate and exchange information. NASN is a consultative group which supports art spaces to create discourse within artists and the public throughout Korea including Seoul, Busan, Gwangju and Incheon, the five major cities in the country. NASN also actively organizes creative artistic activities, academic events, art fairs and many more.


About Network of Berlin Independent Project Spaces and Initiatives Berlin Network of Berlin
Independent Project spaces and Initiatives Berlin exists since August 2009 and acts as a loose association. After conducting a survey on the wishes, ideas and needs of the scene at beginning of 2010 network started to organize regular working meetings. Each time hosted by a different Project Space in Berlin. The aim of the Network is to establish a long term plan for the structure which can support new forms of cooperation and exchange possibilities. To be active and heard onpolitical level, take part in the discourse and evocate the need and suggest the ways of improving the working conditions.


July 27, 2014



Brunch at 12pm / Talk at 1:30pm



NON Berlin + Berlinerpool



Brunch: 5 euro (including meal, water and soft drinks)