NON Berlin | Far From Any Road
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Far From Any Road

Far From Any Road

Far from any road is a metaphor to describe the mysterious place where stories come from. Stories can assume countless shapes: they can be told, they can be written, they can be shown by images, by gestures.

They can be found in every literary form, but also in a painting, in a stained glass, in conversation.

This infinite number of possibilities enables the presence of stories all over the world from the beginning of humanity.

While inviting the viewers to become storytellers themselves into the gallery space, the exhibition Far From Any Road aims to explore the ambiguous zone where stories are born by showing together the works of two artists, Anne Duk Hee Jordan and Ralf Tekaat, who within their art practices research about narration on the edge of facts, memories and fiction.


16.10.2015, 7pm


16.10 – 7.11. 2015


Anne Duk Hee Jordan Ralf Tekaat

Curated by

Elisa Rusca


07.11.2015, 2pm