NON Berlin | Sustainable Data 3.0: Internet of Faces – updates and bug fix for 5G Internet
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Sustainable Data 3.0: Internet of Faces – updates and bug fix for 5G Internet

Sustainable Data 3.0: Internet of Faces – updates and bug fix for 5G Internet



Sustainability data is a futuristic software company. This software company publishes different updated products each time in the form of an exhibition. This exhibition is the 3rd public update to provide visitors with access to the latest update of our exhibition “product.” – the latest product was built mainly in response to the popularization of 5G networks. 


Through this product launch, we continue to create a modern culture in the near future, imagine the construction of science and technology, and combine the popular culture of today’s society masses, what new ethics and feelings will be produced.


In fragmented societies, real-time network transmissions, and network infrastructure updates, we move high-speed travel to different spaces; and architecture – spread our self in multiple terminals and databases.


Facial recognition is part of our mobile terminal’s self-architecture. Social software gives us the opportunity to modify online facial features and gender. For example, deep fake, Realtalk and other synthetic models calculated by deep learning systems challenge all our real and virtual boundaries. Sherry Turkle believes that online self is a kind of offline self-expansion space and an experimental field which combines the above contemporary technology that it influences us, as Goffman pointed out, our online and offline identity, body and identity is more and more being influenced by modification. We want to raise the question on how such technology creation will affect us in the future and push the scenario to its full imagination. 


The updated latest product, “Internet of faces” will use the face filter as the latest recommendation of our sustainable data network. The old version (Sustainable Data 2.0) has been developed into a variety of cosmetic prostheses that can be self-made in a short period of time and cost-effective; The upgraded version of 3.0 will operate with the supper high-speed, almost real time 5G network, how humans can realize their desires faster, and upgrade their real and virtual physical transformation capabilities to become more beautiful and more authentic Internet beauty.




veeeky wei chia wu

veeeky interests in issues happening in contemporary society, and transmits these themes into visual art and music. Subtle culture symbols and stories, collage of digital/offline pieces, vivid colors are processed into her computer art and live visual performance. She is a core member of Do Hits and UnderU. Except DJ, taking care of visual in Do Hits , she creates a unique visual language for the crew. She travels a lot in culture/music scene between different places, discussing internet/gender/information/channels/globalization-local content, using light coding and 3d software to create a high saturation utopia.

She has shown new media works at galleries (Shelter Gallery, Homesession, Long March Gallery), music festivals (MONA FOMA, Sonar, Le Guess Who, Sydney Festival, Concrete Grass Festival) and public art venues. Her work has been featured in the MAEKAN and Boiler Room.



Yenyi Lee

Yenyi Lee is a writer and curator based in Berlin, Germany. She uses exhibition as her research method on the concept of failure, techno animism and digital humans. Her curatorial work has been exhibited internationally at Taipei Digital Art Center, National Museum of Taiwan, Taipei Artist Village and Open Space Bae (Korea).

She has been collaborating with Veeeky on the writing and curatorial aspects of Sustainable Data since version 1.0 and presented lecture performance at SOMA Berlin for version 2.0.

She manages and publishes the art writing magazine of HAGAI花開.


Thursday, 24 Oct 2019, 7pm


25 Oct – 10 Nov 2019


veeeky wei chia wu


Yenyi Lee


NON Berlin, Asia contemporary art platform


National Culture and Art Foundation, Kulturabteilung der Taipeh Vertretung in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, 盛聯清股份有限公司Shalom CIean Inc.

Exhibition tour and artist talk

Saturday, 26 Oct 2019, 4pm