NON Berlin | #1 CO LA BOR Open Studio/Presentation
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#1 CO LA BOR Open Studio/Presentation

Studio Residency  Co La bor / Rosalie Laurin and Laurent Dubuis ( RL/LD)

How perceptions can change depending on the point of view, on the angle of view?
How a volume can appear like a solid shape when you stand in a precise zone? How the same volume can explode in several shapes when walking around the space?
In reality the volumes are made of fragments. From a given perspective it all comes together.

NON Berlin’s Co La Bor Residency Project has started with two talented artists, Rosalie Laurin and Laurent Dubuis, who have joined us as our first Residency Artist Group.

Rosalie and Laurent are young architects from France who have relocated to Berlin to fulfill their architectural/artistic vision. On Friday, June 9th, 2015, the artists presented on the progress of their project, opening their studio to visitors to share their exploration of space and entropy in preparation for their final exhibition on July 16th.

During the open studio/presentation, Rosalie and Laurant showed visitors around the studio, revealing the working process and progress of their collaboration within the residency program.

In the forefront room, the artists presented the illustrations that represented their search for a shared graphic and visual language, as despite studying architecture at the same university in Paris, they found that in practice their styles and experiences were remarkably distinct from one another.

In the main room, sketches and graphics illustrated their exploration of the space at NON Berlin–a vital part of their work’s intricate relationship with architecture. A table featured their reference books as well as books with their own previous works which ultimately led to their work in the Co La Bor program. Various constructions on the table further illustrated their probing of space.

In a corner, an installation was set up so that a spotlight shining onto a metal grid created a shadow on the wall. With this, the artist’s raised questions about what form their final project for the residency program will take: will it be a large, physical object filling the space or a shadow forming patterns along the walls created by a thoughtful use of light? What defines an object and what defines an environment? More importantly, at what point does an object become its environment?

Read more about Rosalie and Laurent’s work in Co La Bor on their working blog,

Rosalie Laurin’s Website:
Laurent Dubuis’s Website:


Rosalie and Laurent are two architects from France who have been working together at NON Berlin since mid-April. They have relocated to Berlin in order to unfold their creativity and artistic thoughts. Before their exhibition in July, we would like to give you an opportunity to meet them and see their work at NON Berlin.

Space, Perceptions, Objects, Senses and Materiality are some of the keywords that run through their project. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.