NON Berlin | Slow portfolio viewing
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Slow portfolio viewing

NON Berlin and Berlinerpool during Berlin Art Week


Embedded in the stream of events within the Berlin Art Week, Berlinerpool + NON Berlin curatorial proposal wants to offer an opportunity to decelerate the way in which international visitors encounter art by rephrasing it in slow motion.

September 17-18th, a pictorial minimalistic exhibition by the hand of Korean artist Koo Young Mo will be featured in the upper floor of the exhibition space, while the basement will harbour a screening of Boris Eldagsen’s Video Poem series : “how to disappear completely”.

September 19th a slow portfolio viewing for curators, provided with materials of artists from our cooperational network (DE/KR). Research time will be followed by a dynamic lunch, opening the table for invited artists from both networks.

3 actions overlapping 3 consecutive days, bounded by an expanded gesture: “Encompassing movement within stillness” –and in it, a discreet call for minimalism:art needs time to be appreciated.

Slow Portfolio Viewing for curators & Lunch

during Berlin Art Week, 2014


Time and Date

September 19, 1-3pm



NON Berlin, Berlinerpool