NON Berlin | The City Crossover Project/Open Talk
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    The City Crossover Project/Open Talk

    p904+ is a group consist of five members based in Busan: Kyunghwa Kim (installation art), Daesung Kim (literary criticism), EJ Cho (visual art), Kicheol Song (video & installation art) and Jinhee Song (video art). p904+ is a ‘Co-Artist Network,’ aiming to change the art praxis by communalizing art. By associating with young artists in Berlin, they will initiate a project that will re- vitalize their works by sharing the working process openly through the web and during the residency in Berlin in August 2014 by way of an exhibition and face- to-face discussions. p904+ will introduce the German artists to Korea afterwards. In addition, the work the artists in Berlin and p904+ do together will be available online in an archive.



    Yassemeqk is a collective group consist of French and Korean artists. The members met during their studies in Marseille, France. Settled in Berlin, they regularly gather for common projects and also work individually around the world.



    Prologue from Busan
    “Building a Arts Ecology through a Co-artists Network”

    p 904+ questions today’s art scene: the lack of conversation and obsession with creating something new.

    At exhibitions, everyone seems to just do their own work. The director organizes, the artist creates and displays, the exhibition starts, sporadic art talks are held, but little is shared after the whole process. These days, an exhibition is more or less a one off show. What is really shared among the people who participated? Furthermore, what happens to the artwork after this ‘show’?
    To p904+, the current art scene seems as if it is on a race. A race to find/create something new. Just like urban areas where old buildings are being demolished to give space for new, striking or exceptional ones. This thoughtless race is now threatening the local people’s socio-ecological culture. While artists are blindly dashing off to create something new, the ecology in the artistic field is at risk as well. Something new is fine, but what for?
    With these two main questions, p904+ wants to revitalize and restore the artworks that has been buried or gone. Along with this, their interest lies in recovering the meaning of a term dubbed ‘art talk. ’ p904+ believes meaningful ‘art talks’ develop when artists communicate and discuss with fellow artists. By revealing/sharing the past work and discussing/networking with co-artists, a sustainable and vital art society can be discovered. This whole process is what we call ‘c-re-acting.’
    ‘C-re-acting’ is possible when there is a concrete network of ‘co-artists.’ Here, a concrete network means ‘communality’ and it is a circular flow of producing, sharing and distributing artworks.

    Through the City Crossover Project, p 904+ addresses their questions above and seek communication with artists and the people in Berlin.


    City Crossover Project (the CC Project)
    The City Crossover Project is a networking program arranged by NON Berlin. Creators based in each region will share and compare their artistic environments and thoughts. This program aims to create a constant flow between two cities by introducing cultural contents from the artists´ point of view and also providing face-to-face communication.

    Time & Date

    7pm, July 31. 2014



    NON Berlin



    p904+, Yassemeqk



    Busan Cultural Foundation



    studio IAAN, HB55